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Linked 308/7.62x51- M240

Linked 8mm Mauser MG42

1 Rifle Caliber Magazine (5.56/7.62x39)

1 Rifle Caliber Magazine (7.62x51/308)

1 Rifle Caliber Machinegun Magazine 22 LR

1 Pistol Caliber Machinegun Magazine (9mm/380)

1 Pistol Caliber Machinegun Magazine (45 ACP/40SW)

Ever wanted to shoot a machinegun with out having to join the military or spend thousands of dollars just to buy one?!  You are in luck! September 11th 2022 Recon Rifleworks in conjucntion with Apex Training Solutions and 2AF will be hosting our first ever NFA shoot! Here you will be able to fire a wide array of machineguns ranging from : 
-22 LR AR 15
-Glock 44 *Yes the little 22 LR in full auto!*
-Glock 18
-Silencerco Maxim 9 (Yes.. the Robocop looking gun... in full auto!!)
-CZ Scorpion
-VZ61 Skorpion
-Pm63 RAK
-UMP 40/ 45
-Beretta 93
-Vityaz (9mm AK)
*More to come for this list!*

There will also be multiple suppressors to try courtesy of Recon Rifleworks LLC and our friends at 2AF!

This event will be hosted at Salt Waters Shooting Club at 900 Big Oak Road, St Augustine FL 32095 from 9am-3pm on Sunday 9/11/22. 

Cost Per Shooter?
This has to be like a few hundred dollars right?  Incorrect! This event will only be $60 per shooter (Entry goes to $80 day of ) and $20 for spectators. 


We ask that you do not bring your own ammo. Due to the inherent risk of incorrect calibers, improper reloads, and the plethora of other factors to consider, we are supplying the ammo for this shoot! Ammo will be available for purchase prior to the event by the mag or by the belt depending on the firearm. You will be able to purchase as many as you would like to run in each particular caliber. Purchasing ammo prior to the week of the event is recomended as it will lock in the product for you and guarantee that tere is enough ammo to supply you during this event! There will be ammo available for puchase day of the event as well. 
Ammo will be pre loaded into mags and belts by Recon Rifleworks staff. 

Who can attend? 

Shooters must be 12 years or older and we ask that spectators be the same due to the nature of the event. 

A percentage of the proceeds will be donated to PB Abbate to help them with their mission to provide veterans a space to connect and honor the fallen. 

There will be prizes and fun events throughout the day!