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Ever wanted to shoot machineguns? Well,here's your chance! On April 2, 2023 from 10am-4pm Saltwater's Shooting Club; located at 900 Big Oak Road, St Augustine FL 32092; will be hosting our 2nd Machinegun Shoot! 

How it works:

Discounted pre-registration lasts from now until 3/5/23. Register during this period and your entry fee is only $55/shooter. This covers your range fees and all of your rental fees!

Registration from 3/5-3/20 will be $85 

from 3/20-3/29 $100, 3/30-4/2 $120

Register Here: Pre Registration

Ammo: Ammo is to be sold by the belt / magazine. Pre-purchasing the ammunition will go until 3/20 and will guarantee that we will have ammunition for the firearm(s) that you wish to shoot. We will have more ammunition available on site however pricing and availability will vary. 

What do you need to bring: Your ID and yourself! 

Our last shoot was such a blast! We can't wait to have you all back out.

Gun Inventory: (subject to change. Machineguns like to break, it happens. We will have back ups available for you to chose from if the untimely demise of a part causes the gun you wish to shoot to be down)

- M240 (7.62x51)

-MG42 (8mm)

-PPSH 41 (9mm)

- UMP (40/45)

-Maxim 9 Integrally Suppressed Machine Pistol (9mm)

-Glock 18

-Beretta 92

-Beretta 92FSR (22 LR)

-Glock 44 (22LR)

- VZ61 Skorpion (32 ACP)

-PM63 RAK (380 ACP)

-CZ Scorpion (9mm)

-M4 (5.56mm)

- HK416 (5.56mm)

-Tippmann Arms M4 (22 LR)

-G36C (5.56mm)

-Ak47 (7.62x39mm)